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Transform your personal vision into tangible achievement with the kōno productivity system.

30-Day Free Trial, no credit card required,
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WHAT IS kōno

Greater Presence.
Greater Focus.
Optimal Productivity.

Kōno is a productivity system integrating proven, science-backed productivity methods.

With Pomodoro, deep work, and more at your fingertips, you can combine the methods that work best for you.

With kōno, you'll become purposeful about how you invest your time, energy, and attention, achieving more and feeling content at the end of your work day.

30-Day Free Trial, no credit card required, MacOS compatible only
How it works

kōno sets the right rhythm for every moment of your day.

kono app screen focus mode
Prepare workspace and mind for deep work

Create a distraction-free zone for tasks that require intense concentration. With one click, instantly silence phone calls, messages, and app notifications on your iPhone and Mac and automatically close apps and block access to your most tempting go-to websites.

kono app screen break mode
Regroup, recharge, and reset

The science is clear: We all need downtime, and the quantity and quality of our work is optimized when we take regular breaks. Enter break mode and go for a stroll, chat casually with a colleague, or do a bit of daydreaming to give your mind some much needed rest and release.

kono app screen meeting mode
Be present, connected, and focused for online meetings

With one click, kōno clears your digital workspace so you can be fully present and attentive in online meetings. Meeting mode provides the ultimate do not disturb tool--blocking tempting social media, incoming calls, notifications, and messages.

kono app screen communication mode
Respond to emails in one fell swoop

Consolidate wasteful hourly trips to your inbox into 2 or 3 daily sessions. When it's time to tackle your inbox, use a customized mode to automatically open your email and messaging apps. A timer can give you an audio or visual cue when it's time to move on to other things.

kono app screen plan mode
Make a plan and prepare for the day ahead

Don't just wing it. Make planning for the day ahead a regular habit. Kōno can help you keep it short and sweet, launching a custom timer and automatically opening your calendar and other planning tools.


Experience the power of singular focus.

Kōno helps you be instantly focused by blocking out your typical distractions. It promotes single-tasking and frees up valuable mental space for creativity and problem-solving.

Get started in mere seconds.

No need to spend time researching productivity methods. From beginner to seasoned Pomodoro user, anyone can easily dive in and see immediate results.

Be mindful about how you work.

Kōno's analytics feature offers key insights into how you use your time, helping you be more intentional when you invest your time and energy.

Create new, motivating habits.

Kōno provides a simple structure to practice positive new habits you'll want to stick to, leading to long-term satisfaction and ingrained behaviors.

Leading edge productivity in one app.

presets icon
Preset and
Customizable Modes

Use mode manager to manage and edit your modes. Choose a preset mode or create your own.

automation icon

Cluttered desktop? Kōno automatically opens apps you need to work and closes those you don't.

blocking icon
Website & App

Easily distracted by certain apps or websites? Block them instantly when entering a kōno mode.

time icon

Kōno's adjustable timer can count up or down, show or hide seconds, and offer reminders when a session is complete.

analytics icon
Statistics, Analytics
& Personal Discovery

Discover your most productive times of the day and gain insights into your time usage and behaviors.

notification icon

Get the right information at the right time. Receive only the notifications you need for the mode you're in.

kōno helped me to reflect, rethink and rebuild my working day. It made my entire way of working more mindful, more convenient and more fun. It's far more than just an app. It can be the door opener to an entirely new working experience.
- Marco R.
Freelance Brand Strategist
To be part of the beta program helped me to think about the different modes of work I go through during my day. By defining and starting them, it helped me to concentrate easily on my task at hand and not distract myself. Especially the App & URL block and timer helped for that.
- Valerie G.
User Experience Designer