Why kōno

People who create and innovate propel our world forward.

If you want to see meaningful change in your life or the world, harnessing the potential of each moment is essential.

Every minute of your day is full of possibility that can easily be wasted by procrastination and distractions.

With kōno, we have created a simple, intuitive tool that allows you to:

Get into deep work focus in seconds.

Be 100% present
in meetings.

Limit your time on social media and in your email.

Stop procrastinating.

We believe that work is
about creating meaningful things.

We believe that every moment of the workday presents a unique opportunity.

We believe that structure offers security and frees up mental capacity, thus enabling greater creativity.


Paving the way with relentless innovation.

Since its inception in 1930, family-owned C. Josef Lamy GmbH has been dedicated to making thinking tools, products that help people bring thoughts and ideas to life. They've spent much of the past century continually innovating and redefining the quintessential thinking tool: the fountain pen.

Drawing from Bauhaus design principles and keeping the user firmly at the center of their vision, Lamy created two of the world's most iconic and beloved fountain pens: the LAMY 2000 and the LAMY Safari. The continued success of these bestselling pens has firmly established Lamy as pioneers and leaders in their industry.

Lamy continues its mission with NEO66, an in-house innovation studio dedicated to creating a new generation of digital thinking tools. NEO66 brings together entrepreneurs, designers, psychologists and technology specialists from all over the world, working to first understand how humans imagine and create and then developing tools to help them turn their visions into tangible and communicable realities.

Learn more: www.lamy.com