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What can I do if I cannot install kōno?

Here are some common obstacles and solutions to get you started: ­ ­ You don’t have a Mac. Kōno is only compatible with MacOS. If you don’t have a Mac, visit us at kono.lamy.com > Help > Not using a Mac? And join the waitlist. ­ ­ You can’t install software on your work computer. If your work computer either doesn’t let you install kōno or update to a kōno-compatible MacOS, please let us know via email: team@lamykono.com ­ ­ Your Mac is running an older operating system. You do need at least MacOS Monterey to run kōno, so it might be time to update your Mac. ­ ­ You have an older Mac. If your Mac is over 6 years old, you may be unable to update to MacOS Monterey, which is the minimum required to use kōno. ­ You’ve been busy. When you’ve got a lot on your plate, making time for something new can be challenging. But we promise: it only takes 5 minutes to install and start using kōno, and it will be worth your while! ­ ­ You’ve changed your mind. You might be on the fence about whether kōno can help you get things done, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. We believe that kōno will deliver a big boost to your productivity and help you make some positive life-changing habits. Why not see for yourself what it can do for you?

How can I permanently delete my account?

If you find that you have reached the end stage of productivity and wish to permanently delete your account, please go to https://my.lamykono.com/profile and delete your account there. Please note: The result of this action will be the deletion of all your personal user data from any interaction with kōno. However, your email address will still be stored for documentation purposes, along with the information that and when your account was deleted.

When should I use kōno?

Ideally, you start and end your workday with kōno to get into a positive and productive routine. That's why you'll have the start- and end workday buttons. We've created kōno to fit every schedule and profession.

What do the three categories mean?

When creating a new mode or editing a mode, we need you to categorize the mode into high focus, low focus, or break. Through this categorization, we can deliver insightful analytics to you. High focus stands for work that needs a lot of effort or concentration. Examples could be creating something new, solving a problem, or coming up with new ideas. Low focus entails everything else that needs to be done, like responding to e-mails, going to meetings, or simply doing some calls. A break is everything you do to recharge.

Can I reposition the timer in my menu bar?

Yes, you can. By hovering on the kōno logo/timer in the Mac menu bar and pressing CMD, you can drag the app along the mac menu bar to the left and right.

Can I use the Pomodoro Method with kōno?

Of course, you can – and kōno is even more powerful than usual Pomodoro apps. Create a break mode for 5 min and set the timer of the modes you want to work with to 25 minutes. This way you can determine exactly what you want to focus on during these 25 minutes. Why don't you set up a brainstorming mode, design mode, or focus mode with a 25-minute timer?

How can I report a bug or give feedback?

If you want to report a bug or give us feedback, you can do so by going to your account settings and then to report the bug or give feedback. Click on the submit button and you will be redirected to a google form that you can fill out. We always appreciate feedback as it helps us to constantly improve our product, so you can get even more out of kōno.

How can I change my personal information?

If you want to change your personal information, click on the three dots in your timer in the Mac menu bar or open the main window and go to account settings. Under your profile, you can see your personal information. At the moment, you aren't able to change your name or e-mail address here. However, if you wish to change your information, send us an e-mail at team@lamykono.com and we will get back to you.

What are extensions and shortcuts?

Extensions and shortcuts allow kōno to support you even better. To enable kōno to open or block websites, you need to install an extension for the browser you are using. The public kōno shortcut enables the app to automatically open, close, or hide apps when a mode is activated.

How can I make sure I am working with the newest version of kōno?

We will inform you in the timer in your Mac menu bar and the app itself if a new update for kōno is available. However, you can also go to General Settings > App Updates. Here, you can see which version you are currently working with and if there is an update available. If you want your kōno app to update automatically, you can set this up here too.

How do I get started?

Open the app and start your workday by clicking on start workday in your main window. The app is now on "standby", ready to be used. In the main window, you can find your mode manager, your analytics section, and your settings. To start a session, click on the kōno Logo in your Mac menu bar. Select the mode you need, for example, the focus mode. A timer is now set to 30 minutes and will count down while you are working. Once the time is up, the mode will not end automatically but the timer will start to count up. You decide when to end the session. You can end the session by clicking on the active mode again and going into standby or by activating another mode in the timer in your Mac menu bar.

How much does kōno cost?

The app is free of charge during the free trial phase. After that, you'll have the option to subscribe. Information regarding the price and payment options can be viewed at kono.lamy.com/pricing.

How can I end and evaluate my workday?

When you are done with your workday, simply click on the three dots in the timer in your Mac menu bar at the top right corner and then select end workday. The app will ask you to indicate how happy you were with your results that day. This rating is then integrated into your analytics. In your analytics section, you can view statistics on your work sessions and compare your categories and modes.

Why can't I drag a mode to the first spot in my current mode set?

While you can rearrange your modes exactly how you need them to be organized, there is one restriction: you cannot substitute your break with a mode from another category. We are only capable of delivering our best work when we allow ourselves some breaks in between where we can recharge, contemplate and most likely come up with our best ideas. Therefore the timer must contain one break mode. However, you can exchange a break mode for another break mode. Simply place it on top of the prior one.

How do I edit the settings of my modes?

Go to your mode manager and click on the pencil next to the mode you want to edit. In the editing mode, you can change all the settings of your mode. You can choose a new icon or change the name. Select a category that fits your mode best. You can choose to set your timer to count up or countdown. If your timer is set to countdown, remember to set a time here. Next to your timer settings, you can choose between different options to be notified once your timer has expired. If you do not want to be disturbed when you are in this mode, turn on your do-not-disturb and select one of your Apple Focus defaults. In the automation section, you can choose to open, block or hide certain apps when entering a mode. To block or open certain websites, enter the URL, click on the arrow and select your preferred action.

Why is the timer limited to 5 modes?

Because we want you to focus ;) We want to ease your mind by helping you to structure your workday. We believe that too many modes might have the opposite effect of causing a feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed.

How do I download and install kōno?

After clicking on the download button, a .dmg file will be saved to your mac. Open this file from your download folder in your finder and follow the instructions. Drag the kōno App into your application folder and install the browser extensions through a double click. A browser window will open and ask you to add the extension. You can now launch the app and you will be asked to sign in. After creating the account, you must confirm your e-mail address by clicking on the link in the e-mail in your inbox. Now, you are all set - let's get into focus.

What does Do not Disturb mean?

The Do-Not-Disturb function is a function offered by Apple that prevents you from being interrupted by notifications while turned on. You can add this function to your different modes, meaning once you enter the mode your Do-not-disturb gets activated automatically. This can be especially beneficial when you need to really concentrate on a task or while you are in a meeting.

How can I contact the kōno team if I could not find a solution for my problem in the FAQs?

If you could not find a solution for a problem you are experiencing with kōno or if you just want to say Hi, you can send us an e-mail at team@lamykono.com - we will come back to you as soon as possible.

How can I change my password?

Click on the three dots in the timer in your Mac menu bar or open the main window manually and go to account settings. Go to passwords. Enter your old and your new password and click on save password. We will send you an e-mail asking you to confirm your new password. Click on the link in this e-mail and you are all set.

Do I always need to activate a mode?

No, you don't need to. Just click again on a mode in your timer and kōno is on "standby". However, we recommend always using a mode to receive reliable analytics that represents your actual working behavior. You can for example set up a "Just Work" mode to track the time for all other tasks.

What are automations?

Automations simplify your work. Instead of manually opening, closing, and hiding certain apps and windows when working on a project, you can just set your perfect setup in your mode detail settings and automate your workflow. For example, when entering a high focus mode you can open your favorite concentration playlist, hide all unnecessary windows and open up your needed applications automatically.

How can I change the modes in my timer?

Go to your mode manager to organize your modes. The current modes at the top are the modes that are currently in your timer and can be activated. Your mode library contains all other modes that you have but are not currently used. By drag and drop, you can easily rearrange your modes. You can add a mode to a free spot, substitute a mode with another by dragging the new one on top of the old one and change the order of the modes. Here you can also make quick edits to your modes, such as changing the name, setting a new time, or turning your automations and do-not-disturb on and off.